Preview version of Skype for the BlackBerry Q10 and Dev Alpha C now available in BlackBerry World

Skype on BlackBerry 10After years of waiting, Skype is finally available to BlackBerry users. That’s the good news. The bad news is that the vast majority of BlackBerry users still can’t download it yet. Currently, Skype is in BlackBerry World for both the BlackBerry Q10 and it’s odd-looking brother, the Dev Alpha C. No word yet on when Skype will be available for owners of the Z10, but I imagine it wont be long now.

Skype for BlackBerry 10 isn’t native. Instead, Skype went with a port of their Android application. Also, it appears that the app is still in beta at the moment, as it’s named “Skype (Preview)” In BlackBerry World. I must say, for a beta/preview, it functions quite nicely. I installed it on my Dev Alpha C around an hour ago and have been messing around with Skype for BlackBerry 10 since, and I am really impressed with how it has performed so far.

As far as I can tell, Skype for BlackBerry 10 offers everything you’ll find from the application on other platforms. It is able to pull up the existing contacts on your phone, voice and video calls run fine with great sounding audio and smooth video, and the instant messaging service is just as speedy as you’d expect.

The lucky few of you with BlackBerry 10.1 running on either the Q10 or a DAC can head over to BlackBerry World and download Skype(Preview) now. We’ll let you know once we hear anything about a version of Skype for the BlackBerry Z10.