The Razer Nabu attempts to put the best of smart watches and fitness trackers into one device

Razer Nabu

Razer, a company that is best known for their video game peripherals, has decided to enter the wearable gadget market and has announced that they will soon be launching the all new Razer Nabu smartband. The Razer Nabu is a pretty interesting wearable gadget that has been designed to enable users to not only track their fitness, but also receive notifications from their smartphone. Making for a device that works as a fitness tracker and smartwatch.

With the Nabu, Razer hopes to bridge the divide between smartwatches and fitness trackers by offering three core features, which include: notifications, advanced sensors and social interaction technology. It delivers the information you need from your Android or iOS smartphone, while collecting the data that you want about your activity levels, and offers features that can deepen your social interactions with others. Sounds awesome!

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the new Razer Nabu is the fact that it will offer an open source platform for developers to take advantage. That means developers will have a full SDK to use and can come up with new and useful features for the Razer Nabu. Developers who are interested in creating software for the Nabu smartband will even be able to purchase one early and at a reduced price.

We still don’t know the release date for the Razer Nabu yet, but the developer version is expected to arrive in the next couple of months and will cost $49.99. The standard version meant for consumers should release sometime after that. Pricing for consumers has yet to be announced.

Watch the video below to learn more about the latest smart device from Razer. Also, be sure to hit the source link for even more information about the all new Razer Nabu smartband.

Source: Razer