Recommended Halloween apps courtesy of Verizon Wireless

Halloween is fast approaching and Verizon Wireless has compiled a list of apps that can help you find a great Halloween costume, practice your pumpkin carving skills, keep track of your children while they’re out trick-or-treating, and freak people out with spooky sounds.


Halloween Costumes

Have no idea what to be for Halloween this year? Plan ahead or throw something together last minute with this mobile app, which contains costume ideas for adult men and women, as well as links to purchase directly. Compatible with Apple devices.

Halloween Costumes – Free from iTunes


Pumpkin Maker

If you don’t want to go through the hassle and mess of carving an actual pumpkin, use the Free Pumpkin Maker mobile app. This app allows users to carve a pumpkin virtually. Choose from a bevy of eye, nose and mouth shapes to create a unique pumpkin every time. After creating a masterpiece, dim the lights and watch the pumpkin glow.  If you put the device in the window, we bet no one will know the difference! Compatible with Android devices.

Pumpkin Maker – From The Google Play Store

Trick or Tracker Child Locater

Parents can use this mobile app on their smartphones to keep up with their child’s location, provide a network of trusted adults in case of emergency, or simply help revelers plan their route while they trick-or-treat. Compatible with Android devices.

Trick or Tracker Child Locater – $4.99 from Amazon


Halloween Sounds Pro

Nothing screeches Halloween like an evil witch laugh, a creaky door or creepy organ music. The Halloween Sounds Pro allows users to mix and match scary Halloween sounds to get into the mood. Using the delay option, users can set the spooky soundtrack and leave the room – guaranteed to freak someone out.  Compatible with Apple devices.

Halloween Sounds Pro – Free from iTunes