Review: The Padcaster


 The Padcaster Box

To promote the Kickstater for The Padcaster Mini, I was sent one of the original Padcasters for the iPad. The product has been described as “a powerful filmmaking accessory that transforms your iPad into a mobile production studio”. This is for those who want to make the most out of their mobile devices and want to optimize their productivity. You can use it for shooting, as a teleprompter, and more. Even though I’m not on that same level of professional, I can see its benefit for small time projects, especially when it comes to video games.


Unboxing The Padcaster


The Padcaster Contents

There isn’t much to The Padcaster itself. It comes with instructions on how to assemble, four (or five) screws, the lens bracket, the adapter, the frame, and finally the insert. As you will find, a lens does not come with the set up, but the adapter are used to hold a 58mm – 72mm lens.

There’s also a ‘lens adapter’ that comes with this set, but mine was already screwed into the bracket. For me, it was briefly overlooked, but if you were to get it for yourself, there’s a possibility it will come separate from the bracket. Thankfully, it’s rather easy to screw it, so it comes with minimal effort on your part. There are only four screws, and they’re relatively big. Their size and D-ring make them easy to handle, so you don’t need a screwdriver to put them into their allotted holes.


Things to Know

Originally stated that there were four or five screws. Mine came with five. It’s a longer screw that doesn’t come with a D-ring like the others. It’s possible to use it as a replacement for one of the smaller screws, so take care not to lose the larger ones. The set also came with a camera accessory, which is used for an auxiliary flash or something similar.

The frame and insert are incredibly lightweight and can be handled by anyone without strain. If you ever need to clean the insert, it’s actually not that big of a deal. Liquids, of course, would be easiest to get up with a simple cloth – but be careful about liquids around The Padcaster, especially with your tablet locked into place. If dust gets onto your insert, just sweep it up with a brush and a few careful blows of air. For the best clean up, just use a nylon brush, which you can pick up anywhere.


Honest Opinion


The Padcaster & My iPad

It’s a good product with a good mission. The only problem I have is with the insert itself. While it’s a testament to the product’s durability, it’s also incredibly difficult to use for the very first time. I do believe that it’s worth backing on Kickstarter for The Padcaster Mini. You definitely can and should read more about the product’s original intent and its versatility on the Kickstarter page. Because it’s so simple, it’s able to reach different people.

However, like all good equipment, it runs a heavy price. The original Padcaster is supposedly worth $149. But for a product that expands and withstands what you’re able to do, I can honestly say it’s worth the investment.