Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Leaked

galaxy note 4

Samsung has already sent out a very “subtle” hint that the next note device will be unveiled on September 3rd so it only makes sense we start to see the device break it’s cover. The Note 4 from the images appears to keep a relatively similar design to the previous generations with some minor tweaks. The phone seems to be a lot more rectangular and looks to be thinner. The sides have a similar design language to the leaked Galaxy Alpha although there’s no way to really tell if the material will be the chrome-like plastic or metal.


At the bottom of the device we can see the micro USB 3.0 port which isn’t covered by anything which tells us this phone probably won’t be water resistant like the S5. Looking at the back of the device we can tell it’s going to sport a similar faux leather like feeling which should provide a decent grip. And near the rear camera it looks like it will feature a heart rate monitor or some other type of advanced sensor.


 galaxy note 4 slant



With the next Note less than a month away from being official it will be interesting to see how much Samsung is packing into the device. 

galaxy note 4 back