Sony PS Vita getting full featured YouTube app soon

Sony has announced that the PlayStation Vita will be getting a free YouTube app in the next few weeks.

The PS Vita YouTube application will allow users to search for, watch and then comment on any of the millions of YouTube videos. Kind of like what we already do with our smartphones.

Sony seems a bit confused about what the PS Vita is. They sell it as a handheld video game console, yet increasingly it is becoming a weird smartphone like thing that doesn’t make phone calls. It is like an iPod Touch that doesn’t fit in your pocket very well. It has Netflix, Skype, Twitter and soon a YouTube app, but where are the must-have games?

The Vita offers some truly amazing hardware and it is unfortunate to see it being used more for Tweeting than it is gaming.  Hopefully Sony will have some great PlayStation Vita titles to announce this week at E3. If not, maybe they will surprise us with an Instagram app.

You can find out more at the official Sony PlayStation Blog