Sprint is Planning Many Changes

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Earlier this month, Sprint closed down its One Up plan, which allowed for users to upgrade their phones mid-way through their contract. It came out just in September of last year, so it was cut down very early in its prime. However, to make up for that, Sprint has exchanged the One Up plan for something supposedly better. It has quite a peculiar set up but might end up being cost beneficial to Sprint and its clients.

This new plan is called Sprint Easy Pay, and here’s what it does. You see the phone or tablet of your dreams, and you put down a down payment on it. Easy, simple, in your hands. And for the next 24 months, you pay off that device. It’s a fixed rate through those 24 months, but you have the option to, if you want, pay more.

This is only available at certain select stores right now and “is expected to be available on sprint.com and other channels soon”.

What’s the benefit of having it? Well, smartphones are expensive, and if you want the newest of the new, or if an older, still expensive model has your eye, then this could be beneficial to you. Instead of dropping $700+ for a phone at the time you buy it, you could purchase it for significantly less and just pay it off in full within the two years that you have it. Though, you can’t just annually change your phone about if you want as Easy Pay does not support that. Is it possible to switch your current phone to a newer or better model? It seems so. Just pay off the current balance remaining on your current device and smack down a new down payment on the other.

Easy Pay does sound tempting, but it’s up to you whether or not you want to move your money around. You can read more from Sprint Support here. There is one catch though: it’s available for a limited time only. So far.

On top of that change, after the One Up plan closed down, Sprint also encouraged users to take hold of their strange-to-say “Framily” plan. The plan is actually very simple. You can have up to ten friends, family members, close acquaintances, archrivals, or other join. You have unlimited talk and text with up to 1GB of data for everyone. It’s all on separate bills, so you don’t have to worry about everyone paying at the same time, and you pay $25 a month per line. You can, of course, read more about it on the Sprint website.

Right now, things are certainly being juggled around at Sprint, but if you’re a current customer, you might benefit in at least looking into these programs if you haven’t already.