T-Mobile will let you borrow an iPhone 5s for a week

T-Mobile UnCarrier 5

T-Mobile has introduced a new service that will allow potential customers to test out their network with an iPhone 5s for a full week. The new program, which is going by the unimaginative name of “Test Drive” was announced at the company’s UnCarrier 5.0 event in Seattle today.

The service is set to launch this Sunday and gives you a full seven days with Apple’s iPhone 5s along with unlimited talk, text and LTE data, making this a perfect opportunity to try-out T-Mobile’s network in your area.

Those who are interested in taking advantage of the Test Drive service will need to sign up on T-Mobile’s website and give them a credit card number. After that, a hold of $700 will be placed on your card and T-Mobile will ship out a activated iPhone 5s for you to play with. During the week-long trial period, a T-Mobile sales rep will give you a call to see how things are going with the test drive and to remind you of the date that the phone needs to be returned.

The loaner iPhone must be returned even if you do decide to become a T-Mobile customer. Upon returning the phone, T-Mobile will remove the hold from your credit card. If the phone is lost or returned with a cracked display, water damage or non-functional, you’ll be charged a $100 fee.

But if you follow the rules, take care of the device and return it on time, you’ll have had a week of T-Mobile service on a iPhone 5s for free. Sounds like a pretty good deal for anyone who is considering making the switch to T-Mobile.