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Samsung Says Thank You with $50 Giveaway

If you own a Samsung Galaxy Note 3, be prepared for a treat. Samsung wants to say “Thank you” by giving away $50 in Google Play Credits. You can enter your number online along with some other bits of information and receive your confirmation number. Once you get that and […]


Malwarebytes Fights for Your Android

Malwarebytes is one of the best, free anti-malware programs out there right now. Many people swear by it, and it doesn’t stint you on protection just because you don’t have the premium features. And now you can have this protection for your Android phone. You may not find a reason […]


Google Chromecast Review

Companies have been making devices to bring internet content to your television for a while now. We’ve seen the Apple TV, Google TV, Roku and even devices that run the full Android operating system. Of course, television manufacturers such as Samsung, are also creating smart TVs that have the internet and all […]