The Galaxy Tab?


According to a news release, Samsung may be shelving the Galaxy Tab 3 seven inch for now. I personally have never used a Galaxy Tablet however it’s a very good piece of hardware. According to SamMobile there are reports that Samsung has dropped the plans for the next version of this size of tablet.

There are rumors circulating that Samsung will be focusing more on eight and ten inch tablets in this line instead of the smaller and sleeker seven inch. However Samsung may announce a few new tablets, at Mobile World Congress in February.

Any company wanting to make a seven inch tablet will have a tougher time of it. The market is saturated with the lower costing Google Nexus 7, Barnes & Noble’s Nook HD, and Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD. They can make their hardware at an extremely low cost and sell their product exclusive apps and content, so most consumers will go for a tablet that costs under two hundred dollars.

The only option for Samsung to break into this market truly is to reduce costs. But that isn’t a good idea for consumers as they would need to use bottom of the barrel specs for the tablet.

Sadly we won’t know the fate of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 until next month at the Congress.