Garmin announces the fenix 2 – A $400 multisport GPS watch that can do smartphone notifications

Garmin Fenix 2 release dateGamin has officially announced the all new fenix 2! A sequel to their first outdoors GPS watch, which includes everything that made the original great, as well as some new training options, an updated and easier-to-use interface and expanded smartphone connectivity features.

Much like the original Garmin fenix that came before it, the fenix 2 was designed to put many of the features you’d find on a traditional handheld GPS unit onto your wrist and is great for activities such as skiing, hiking, running, climbing, geocaching and swimming as well as just general navigation. 

The Garmin fenix 2 is a GPS watch that also meets the definition of a ABC watch since it features an integrated altimeter, barometer, and 3 axis compass. If that weren’t enough, the Garmin fenix 2 will also wirelessly connect with pace, cadence and heart rate monitors and can even tell you the temperature. All of those sensors and the highly accurate GPS radio work together to enable the Garmin fenix 2 to collect a ton of information about where you are, what you’re doing and how you’re performing. Which really makes the fenix line of watches as useful for general athletes as they are for outdoorsy people.

Garmin Fenix 2

For outdoors adventures, the GPS features found on the Garmin fenix 2 enables users to do things such as create a virtual breadcrumb trail that can be used to help them find their way out of the woods and back to where they started. The fenix 2 can also be used to navigate to up to 1000 different waypoints along with a couple thousand geocaches. Stored waypoints, tracks, routes and geocahces can all be shared wirelessly among other Garmin devices. And Garmin claims that the battery will last up to 50 hours while the watch is being used in GPS mode and around five weeks while in the standard watch mode.

Another great feature of these watches is what Garmin calls Smart Notification. It lets you receive emails, texts and alerts from your phone, directly on to your watch.  This not only lets you know when a new message arrives, but will also display the full text on the watch screen so you never need to pull out your phone to read it. Sadly, this feature doesn’t work on any Android devices and is only available on the iPhone 4s or later.

We haven’t heard a solid Garmin fenix 2 release date yet, but the watch is expected to arrive sometime in March and will retail for $399.99 by itself or for $449.99 when bundled with Garmin’s HRM-Run monitor.

Those prices are the same as what you’d pay for the older model, so some retailers have already lowered their price for the original Garmin fenix. Including Amazon, who just knocked $100 off their price for the watch.

Stay tuned, we will have a full review of the Garmin fenix 2 in the near future. For now, you can learn more about the fenix 2 from Garmin’s Website.