The Garmin Fenix gets the FCC teardown treatment

Garmin Fenix InternalsThe FCC has just posted loads of information about the Garmin fenix.

Garmin’s new GPS watch is listed under FCC ID: IPH-O2AWGD. I’m not completely certain if that means the fenix has officially received its FCC certification or not. There could always be more testing that needs to be done, but either way it is a good sign that we might get a Garmin Fenix release date soon. Also, it is interesting to see all of the new details.

The listing includes several external and internal photographs, a copy of the quick start manual and photos of the testing process. It also shows off the fenix’s charging/data cable and its cradle. Read on to view more pics and follow the source link to learn more.

Source: FCC

Garmin Fenix internals

Garmin Fenix Charging

Garmin Fenix Charger