The New iOS7 Caught a Few Bugs


The iOS7 update is pretty recent, and naturally, a few downfalls came with it. One of them being that numerous amounts of apps won’t work as well with the new system. So if you have any games or custom apps you downloaded for your productivity or leisure, they might not work as well immediately. Some can be fixed with the simple “delete and redownload” procedure. However, there are some bugs that might not seem as simple to fix at first glance.


Users will Randomly be Logged Out of Applications

iOS7 implemented many new features, one of which being the “Background App Refresh”. This is a relatively easy fix. Just go to “Settings > General > Background App Refresh”, you can easily amend this issue by flipping the switch off and disabling it for all of your apps.


iOS7 Lock Screen Makes Users Vulnerable

iOS7 has been reported to have many issues with the lock screen being easy to crack, especially through the lock screen picture functionality, but if you update the newest patch, iOS 7.0.2, then you won’t have this problem anymore. Another thing to do is to disable Siri on the lock screen for a little more extra protective padding. Head on over to “Settings > General > Passcode Lock” then go under, “Allow access when locked” to disable Siri.


Incoming Texts or Calls Crash Audio Apps

This one is strange. As stated, incoming calls and texts will cause any audio apps, like music creation or audio recording apps, to crash. Users risk losing data because of this random application crashes. A way to fix this is to just update frequently and to enable airplane mode while using them. This is definitely a work around while something a little more permanent comes into play.


iMessage Won’t Deliver Messages

A great number of users have been hit by this plight: iMessage won’t send or receive messages in iOS7. Right now there isn’t a proper fix in the updated firmware, but you can head over to “Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings” to fix this bug. Your messages should send now, and if they don’t, then you might have to bite the bullet and engage in a quick reset.


These are a few of the recent/common iOS7 problems. If you’re experiencing anything strange you can’t find a fix for, don’t be afraid to let us know.