The new Nike+ Fuel Band will tell you how active (or lazy) you are.

The Nike+ Fuel Band is a new wristband from Nike that tracks all of your activity throughout the day and converts it to Nike Fuel. This Nike Fuel stuff was created by Nike as a new proprietary measurement of activity, it allows you to monitor your progress and set goals. The Nike+ Fuel Band tracks any type of movements for a complete view of your activity throughout the day. It also allows users to compare and compete with their friends via the Nike+ website or the app currently made only for iOS.

The Fuel Band utilizes the latest technologies. A 3-axis accelerometer tracks movement, while the ambient light sensor allows the Fuel Band to reacts to the user’s environment. 20 color LED lights display information such as your progress and status, while 100 white LED’s provide in-depth information that includes Nike Fuel, total steps taken, calories, and the time. Simply pressing the button cycles through all of the different features. A long press opens up the advanced features like airplane mode.

Using the Nike+ app users can tell the Fuel Band how active they want to be during that particular day and it will keep them updated on their progress with its LED display. Green lights mean you are on track to reach your goal, while Red lights mean you need to pick up the pace and be more active. The Nike+ app has a lot of other features as well, with it you can compete with friends, track your progress and earn trophies for beating your goals, it can even share all of your accomplishments via Twitter and Facebook. The Fuel Band itself, connects to your computer via USB or to your smart phone via Bluetooth. Featuring a battery life of up to four days on a single charge, the Nike+ Fuel Band can be charged at night and used non-stop throughout the day without worrying about the battery.  Nike calls the Fuel Band water-resistant, but not water-proof, according to Nike the wristband can safely be worn in the rain and even while taking a shower, but should not be worn while swimming.

At the SFSW Music Hackathon Nike announced the release of a developer API (application programing interface) for the Fuel Band.  This will allow third party developers to combine Nike Fuel features into their applications for various platforms,  hopefully pushing the technology even further. I personally would love to see apps written for the other platforms.