The New Wave of Finance with Google Wallet &


About a week or so ago, Google finally announced they’re long awaited extension. After a year from its previous announcement, Google Wallet has arrived. For those who have a Google Wallet digital account, users will be able to use their cards at ATMs, banks, and anywhere MasterCard is accepted. To get a physical card, users can request one through the official web site. An identity verification is necessary first, but after that, your request will be accepted, and your card will be sent to you in 10 – 12 days.

Those who know Google Wallet will know that one of their original intents was to minimize the usage of physical cards. However, despite this rather strange turn of events, Google Wallet will come in handy for those who use it frequently enough. Each time the card is used, users will get notifications to their phones.

You can read more about it on Google Commerce and head over to Google Wallet to start your application process for a physical card.

With Google Wallet making its new announcement and with Paypal being a flagship for online money management and payment systems, Visa has decided to take a stand in Europe and the UK. Visa hinted at its own European extension April 2012, and with the year finally coming to a close, they went and dropped the bomb. is Visa’s addition to the digital wallet service world. will allow users to pay for items in-store with their smartphones, to store and shield their credit and debit cards, and to pay for goods online without exposing their important, sensitive details.

With their international breakout, it might be a little difficult for Visa to hit their quota of 80% availability to UK citizens, but there’s still hope to beat the buzzer. Interested persons are able to sign up for now. By 2014, there’s expected to be a full-on rollout of this digital service. Read more about it on the website.