Thirteen year Ban on Video Games

ps3 ban

That’s right people, there has been a ban on video game consoles for thirteen years. You may be wondering where exactly. Well this ban is in a shocking country if you can believe it. The ban is in affect in China of all places!

The ban was established in China to help promote the physical and emotional well being of their young generation. Sorry to say but I think it back fired. In China they don’t have Playstation or Xbox, they have online gaming and mobile games.

They are currently reviewing the policy, which really means that it’s still up in the air if the ban is going to be lifted or not. According to the report there are conflicting statements coming out of the ministries. But with all this talk share trading for Sony and Nintendo has risen as a result.

Sony’s Spokeswoman couldn’t directly comment about the possibility of the ban being lifted. Which is quite understandable, legal matters and all that. However they commented that they acknowledge that China is a promising market.

Who knows what will come of this, most likely we’ll just have to wait and see!