Accessory Review: Toddy Gear Screensters

Toddy Gear Screensters

Using touchscreen devices over the years has caused me to slowly develop a unhealthy hatred for smudges and fingerprints. That hatred only intensified once I began reviewing gadgets and I started photographing all of these shiny smartphones, tablets and other electronic goodies. Its surprising just how well fingerprints and smudges show up in product photos. That annoyance causes me to constantly wipe down screens, both on my personal devices and review units. Speaking of review units, I have gotten to the point where I now wearing a thin glove on my right hand just so I can interact with a device during a photo shoot without needing to wipe off a fingerprint after each press or swipe.

Without question, smudges and fingerprints suck. Especially if you’re like me and happen to own a Nexus 4, AKA one of the shiniest phones ever manufactured. The Nexus 4 is covered in glass front and rear, which of course means it is almost always covered in smudges and fingerprints front and rear. I love my Nexus, but hate the feeling that I’m fighting a losing battle to keep it clean.

Thankfully, there are companies out there making products that can make it easier to keep our gadgets clean. One such company is Toddy Gear, who has been manufacturing high quality microfiber cleaning cloths for a while now. Their latest product, the Screensters, uses the same great materials found on their cleaning cloths, but in the form of a colorful and collectable doll.


There are 10 different Screensters in total and, according to Toddy Gear, each doll was “inspired by the characters you encounter in everyday life”.  The dolls are about the size of a average smartphone, making them small enough to fit in a pocket, purse or backpack and each feature the same dual sided construction as the standard Toddy Gear cloths.

Each Toddy Gear Screenster doll is made of 100% microfiber and uses a scratch-free design. The front surface is made of a silky cloth, while the back is a soft plush material. The idea is to use the rear surface for removing dust and oils and the front for a performing a final polishing job if needed. I’ve used my Screenster on all of my phones, my tablets, my laptop, the screen on my DSLR camera, and even on watch faces and the results so far have been nothing short of fantastic.

Taking care of your Screenster doll couldn’t get much easier. Each Screenster has been treated with a special antimicrobial coating that ensures mold and mildew cannot form on the doll and they are machine washable. So once your doll begins to get dirty – and it will if you use it as often as I use mine – you can simply toss it in with your laundry and bring it back to like new condition.


Toddy Gear Screenster testIn case you’re wondering how good of a job the Toddy Gear Screensters will do; Take a look at the image above. I wiped off the top of my Nexus 4 using 3 or 4 strokes back and forth on each side of the Screenster. It’s clear to see the difference that such little effort has made. The Screenster definitely does a much better job than just using your t-shirt. I still need to wipe stuff off as frequently as before, but doing so with the Screenster is faster and requires less effort.

There really isn’t much else to say about the Toddy Gear Screenster dolls. They do one job and they do that job well. So I highly recommend the Screensters to anyone looking for a faster, easier and more fun way to battle smudges and fingerprints.

Toddy Gear Screenster Dolls retail for $9.99 each and are available for purchase at