Unboxing the OnePlus One

OnePlus One Review

After a wait that felt like forever, we’ve finally gotten our hands on a OnePlus One, the ridiculously affordable yet very high-end smartphone that most people still can’t buy. Commonly refereed to as the “flagship killer”, this highly anticipated smartphone is big on specs and features while still being easy on the bank account. So it should surprise no one that the OnePlus One has been surrounded by a huge amount of hype ever since it was first announced earlier this year.

The OnePlus One we have in our possession is a global, 64GB Sandstone Black model in the official retail packaging. Once you’ve received a OnePlus One invite, this particular phone will set you back $350. Just for comparison purposes, a off contract, 64GB iPhone 5S retails for $850.

We will be talking about this device a lot over the next few weeks but for now, let’s tear into the packaging and see what we’ve been waiting for!

Unboxing the OnePlus One

OnePlus One Review Unboxing

I’m still not entirely sure why they decided to do it this way, but for whatever reason, the OnePlus One and its charger ship in two separate boxes. The larger, cardboard box contains the phone, while the charger resides in the smaller, red and white box.

OnePlus One Review Unboxing 2  OnePlus One Review Pull Tab  OnePlus One Review Unboxing 3

A OnePlus branded pull tab makes getting into the phone’s cardboard external box much easier. Once pulled from edge to edge, the top of the box will open to reveal a new red and white box inside. Another pull tab on this second package assists in removing it from the cardboard box and is also used for separating the red base from its white sleeve.

OnePlus One Review Unboxing TrayWith the sleeve removed, the red box is able to open like the cover of a book to reveal the OnePlus One along with yet another pull tab for removing it from its tray. Removing the tray completely reveals the OnePlus One’s bundled accessories.

OnePlus One Unboxing 4  OnePlus One Unboxing 6  OnePlus One Unboxing 5

OnePlus One Review Accessories  OnePlus One Micro USB Cable  OnePlus One Sim Card tool

The OnePlus One comes with a Micro USB cable, SIM card removal tool and a 2 amp wall charger. It’s kind of difficult to make something as boring as a cable seem high-end, yet OnePlus does a decent job of pulling it off. The Micro USB cable found here is made of a great feeling material, features a very unique design and includes a strap for keeping it tidy. This is easily the coolest Micro USB cable I’ve ever seen included with a smartphone. They even include a rubbery case for storing the SIM card tool. As is the case with most smartphones these days, the OnePlus One does not come with headphones.

OnePlus One Charger

I’ve unboxed an awful lot of gadgets and I must say that this is one of the nicest unboxing experiences I have encountered. It was surprising to see how nice the One’s retail packaging is. One can tell that they have invested time and effort into coming up with the design of the packaging and accessories and none of the materials used here feel cheap in any way.

Our time with the OnePlus One is off to a great start so far and we’ve still got a lot more from this device to experience and cover yet. So keep an eye out for more OnePlus One content in the coming days and weeks.