Verizon to bring LTE to prepaid Allset plans

Verizon-Wireless-4G-LTEIt’s about time! Currently, Verizon has fairly competitive pricing on their prepaid Allset plans. There is one catch, however, and that is you are constrained within their 3G network. They don’t allow LTE on these plans. That is changing. Verizon announced today that they are bringing LTE to their Allset plans on July 17th. This is great news, and has been highly anticipated (and hoped for) by many. Verizon now feels that they need to become more competitive due to T-Mobile creating an image for themselves as the “Un-Carrier” with extremely competitive plans, as well as other excellent budget friendly carrier options such as Cricket and Virgin Mobile. There is no word on whether or not XLTE will be included in the Allset plans.

Pricing for Allset starts at $45 for unlimited talk and text as well as 500MB of data. You can add more data for an additional cost. For data heavy users, the Allset plan might not be best for you, though Verizon’s extensive LTE network is something to consider when compared to other carriers such as T-Mobile. Allset plans are linked below:

Verizon Prepaid ALLSET Plans