Verizon To Give New Devices At Candy Bar Events In Midwest

Verizon Wireless

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory is coming to life as Verizon celebrates its 400th 4G LTE market.  Verizon is giving away 400 chocolate bars, 16 of which will contain golden tickets, at their Candy Bar Events.  Those who receive golden tickets in their bars will either win a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 or a Motorola Razr M.

The events will be held in four different Midwest cities in Michigan, Indiana and Kentucky.  The first 100 people to visit the locations will be given a chocolate bar, and there will be four winners at each location.

The locations for Thursday, October 18 are as follows:

Monroe, MI at The Verizon Wireless Communications Store (2161 Mall Rd.), and participants will have the chance at winning at Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

Owensboro, KY at Best Buy (5115 Fredrica St.), where participants will have a chance at winning a Motorola Razr M.

Vincenness, IN at the Radio Shack (646 Kimmel Rd.), where Verizon will also give away the Razr M.

Friday, October 19, there will also be an event in Jackson, MI in the wireless department of Wal-Mart (1700 W Michigan Ave.), where participants could win a Galaxy Tab 2.

All of the events begin at 10 am.  As stated earlier, only the first 100 guests will receive a chocolate bar at each location.  There will be four winners at each location, 16 total.  So if you live in any one of these four cities, definitely check these Candy Bar events out!  Who knows!?  You could be a lucky winner!