Verizon Wireless Destination Store Opens at Mall of America (Video)

Verizon Wireless Smart Store

Verizon Wireless has unveiled its first “Destination Store” at the Mall of America in Minnesota, and with it, launched a new shopping experience that is focused on helping customers learn what the latest advances in wireless technology can do to improve their mobile lifestyles.

Verizon Wireless chief operating officer Marni Walden was at the new Destination Store to host a special webcast detailing what customers can expect once the store officially opens for business tomorrow. Covering nearly 10,000 square feet, the Destination Store is divided into six distinct Lifestyle Zones where customers can speak with specialists and go hands-on with the latest wireless devices, gadgets, apps and accessories from Verizon Wireless.

These Lifestyle Zones include Get Fit, Amplify It, Have Fun, Home and On The Go, and Anywhere Business. The names do a pretty good job of describing what each zone is about. If you’re into fitness, you’ll want to check out the Get Fit zone, Music fans will be at home in the Amplify It zone, Have Fun is for the gamers, Home and On The Go is all about home automation, monitoring and energy management and the Anywhere Business Zone is for mobile professionals and entrepreneurs.

Verizon Wireless Destination Store

Along with the six Lifestyle Zones, the Destination Store will also include a dedicated workshop area where customers can sit down and learn how to setup and use their new Android or iOS device from a trained specialist. This free training is meant to help customers get the most out of their new device and is available with or without an appointment. Verizon is also rolling out a new checkout experience that enables you to bring your online shopping cart with you to your local Verizon store, so as you arrive, the customer service rep will know what you’re wanting and will be prepared to assist you further. The carrier has also introduced same day delivery on orders placed before 10am. This service is currently only available in four cities, but will be released nationwide soon.

The Verizon Wireless Destination Store at the Mall of America will officially open for business tomorrow, November 20th and the carrier has announced plans to open more Destination Stores across the United States over the next few years.

Verizon Wireless also announced that all of its company-owned stores will eventually be remodeled into Smart Stores, which will be similar to the Destination Store at the Mall of America but on a smaller scale. So far, 125 of Verizon’s 1,700 stores have been turned into Smart Stores, including one in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

You can learn more about the new Destination and Smart Stores from Verizon’s webcast, which follows below.