Verizon Wireless LG Intuition unboxing, hands-on and initial impressions

LG Intuition

Last week, Verizon Wireless announced the LG Intuition, a device that aims to be a happy medium between phone and tablet. LG designed the Intuition for people that don’t want to lug around two devices. Instead of having a phone and a tablet, users can sacrifice a little on either end and have advantages from both in one package. Samsung has proven that there is a market for this type of device with their immensely popular Galaxy Note and its pretty obvious that LG wants in on the action.

Verizon Wireless sent over a LG Intuition for us to play with and we’re already working on the full review, but we wanted to go ahead and share some of our initial impressions to start things off.

The Unboxing:

The LG Intuition comes packaged in a surprisingly attractive, black and red box. Inside you will find a Rubberdium stylus, NFC Tag stickers, a VZW 4G LTE micro SIM card, a micro USB data/charging cable, a wall charger and the owners manual/warranty information.

I’m not sure what Rubberdium is, but the included stylus feels good in the hand and works great on the Intuition’s massive screen. Unfortunately, LG did not include a slot for storing the stylus. That could be problem for anyone that has trouble keeping track of pens – Like me.


Using the included NFC (Near Field Communication) Tag stickers, allows you to set the Intuition to behave in a certain way by simply tapping the back of the device to a tag. It is a interesting feature that we will discuss more in a future post.


The Device:

I knew all along that this was going to be big, but I honestly wasn’t prepared when I opened the box. Seeing it for the first time made me chuckle and smile, it looks absolutely ridiculous. I’m not trying to say that in a bad way either, it’s just so massive that it truly looks ridiculous. I have large hands, so I don’t mind large phones, but I can’t imagine someone with small hands wanting to use this device as a phone for long periods of a time.


That doesn’t mean its all bad though,  I am already starting to appreciate the benefits of having such a large screen. For one, typing on the LG Intuition’s roomy keyboard is amazing. Also, the 4:3 aspect ratio is great for viewing full websites. I’m not certain if I will be a fan of the phablet form factor or not, it is too early for me to decide that. But I plan on spending some more time getting to know the LG Intuition and we will have a full review of it in the near future. Stay tuned