Pantech UML295 4G LTE USB Modem now available from Verizon Wireless

UML295 Verizon 4G LTE USB Modem

Verizon Wireless is now offering the all new Pantech UML295 4G LTE USB Modem. The UML295 functions like other Verizon USB modems, but with one significant difference. The UML295 is completely plug-and-play, meaning it doesn’t require VZ Access Manager or any other software to be installed before use. Simply plugging it into a USB port will allow you to connect to Verizon’s network. Can’t get much easier than that.

I had never used one of these little gizmos until I got the chance to review the CradlePoint MBR1200 Router and Pantech 4G LTE USB Modem. After spending some time with that Pantech modem, and finishing up with the review, I noticed several occasions where it would have been really nice to have a USB modem on me. They’re incredibly useful for anyone that spends a lot of their time traveling with a laptop.

The Pantech UML295 4G LTE USB modem appears to be even more compact than the model it is replacing and it includes several nice features. Such as a foldable USB connector that can swivel up to 180-degrees, a 7 LED service status indicator, 2–way text messaging and dual external antenna connectors. It is also global ready, meaning the UML295 is ready to work in over 200 countries. Currently, the USB modem is compatible with Windows and Mac PCs only, but Linux support is coming soon according to Verizon’s compatibility website.

The Pantech UML295 4G LTE USB modem can be purchased from Verizon’s website right now for $19.99 after a $50 mail-in rebate and with a new two-year agreement. It will also be making it’s way to Verizon retail locations in the coming weeks.

Source: Verizon