Wakeup.io Before You Go-Go


Being busy with business or life can leave us running ragged. Sometimes we need time to ourselves or time to get a leg up on our day, but we just can’t get out of bed. Here’s a fix for your sleeping nature. Wakeup.io helps you by calling your phone directly at the time you designate.


Even though you can get the call for free, you can pay a modest $0.99 to change the voice and the language of the wakeup call, and even input your own personal message. $0.99 isn’t too bad of a donation if you ask me. Too bad they don’t take PayPal, only credit/debit.


If this sounds like something that’s just up your alley, you can sleep on it for a bit, and Wakeup.io will gently stir you from your slumber. Well, ‘gently’ depends on your ringtone, honestly.