Will the PlayStation 4 be able to play PlayStation 1,2, or 3 Games?

PlayStation Cloud

News from the Sony Event last night has come through and many people are curious if the PS4 will be able to play any of the previous consoles games. Well I am very sorry to report that the PS4 will not have backwards compatibility with older PlayStation game discs.

The reason behind the PS4 not being able to play the older discs is quite plausible actually. To make the PS4 able to play at least the PlayStation 3 games, Sony would have to cram most of the PS3’s hardware into the PS4. A little silly right? We would be basically getting a PS3 and a PS4 in the same casing.

Why would the PS3’s hardware would be required for disc-based backwards compatibility? Simply because the PS3 uses a proprietary cell processor. This processor made the PS3 immensely powerful but made it very hard to code for. However, the PS4 will have a new x86 processor which is very developer friendly. But because of this processor change, the older games cannot be played on the PS4 in their disk form.

However gamers there is no reason to distress yet! Sony is planning to use their purchase of the cloud gaming service Gaikia to allow the PS4 access to the list of older PlayStation games. However there hasn’t been any news on what will be done with the few of us that has hard copies of games. I don’t know about anyone else but I intend to keep my PS2 and PS3 until I hear more news!!