Windows 9 “Threshold” to be announced September 30th

 Windows 9 Conceptual logoSeptember is really setting up to be a great month for technology. The next iPhone, Galaxy Note, Moto X follow up and now the unveiling of the next generation of the most popular operating system of all time; Windows 9 is ready to show its face and hopefully set in motion the next generation of desktops, laptops, and tablets. It’s been something a lot of people have been waiting for as Microsoft has been making countless upgrades and adjustments to the Windows 8/8.1 platform to make it better and more comfortable to traditional users. Threshold, however is to complete the transformation of the innovations and advancements of 8/8.1 while still offering the highest comfort level and best user interface no matter what device you’re using.

Leaked  image of Windows 9 Start Menu

Leaked image of Windows 9 Start Menu

Some of the features set to be announced in the next version of Windows is the long awaited return of the Start menu with elements of the start screen including things like live tiles found in the menu. Another huge addition is the ability to run Metro/Modern applications in their own windows in the desktop mode to further shrink the divide between the modern and desktop user experience. Aside from those main enhancements expect a ton of general improvements including optimization for hardware, security strengthening, patches, and more. There have also been rumors of Cortana making an official Windows appearance, removal of the charms bar and virtual desktops.