Windows Phone is the World’s Fastest Growing Mobile Platform

Windows Phone LogoYesterday, on July 14th, Microsoft revealed some exciting stats for it’s Windows Phone platform at the Worldwide Partner Conference. Windows Phone often takes hits from the media even though its growth has been impressive. This data should confirm that growth and quell the blows.

It was announced that Windows Phone was the fastest growing platform roughly six months ago, and when that steam died down, the media then became unsure of the platform. Yesterday, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone has grown 91% year over year. That’s surely impressive, and most likely due to Nokia’s success with low end devices.

Another key stat is that the Windows Store (for Windows Phone) has over 270,000 apps. While that’s not anywhere near the number in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, it’s still a good number. Microsoft has grown its app ecosystem very well, and people don’t seem to give credit for what a quality ecosystem it is.

The rest of the revealed stats are that Windows Phone is in 2nd place in 14 markets, and has more market share than the iPhone in 24 markets. Windows Phone also has more than a 10% market share in 8 markets. As far as apps go, there have been over 4 billion app downloads and a more than 440% increase in monthly paid app revenue since the Windows Phone 8 launch.

wpcwindowsphoneThe platform has grown so rapidly due to the “trickle up” effect that Nokia has created. Their exciting low end smartphones have been smash hits (the 520 alone has over 12 million activations) due to the unique OS as well as very competitive pricing. Nokia has also created many appealing high end smartphones such as the Lumia Icon and Lumia 1520, as well as the more niche Lumia 1020.

With Windows Phone 8.1, Microsoft plans on taking the OS even further, hoping to drive even more growth. Microsoft has added several significant features to Windows Phone such as Cortana, a notification/action bar, and transparent tiles. The Lumia 630/635 are the first phones to ship with 8.1.

It’s clear that there is a good amount of interest and appeal for Windows Phone 8 already, and Microsoft hopes to take it to the next level with Windows Phone 8.1 as the OS is now truly ready to compete with iOS and Android.