Wolfenstein 3D turns 20, gets free to play browser game


Wolfenstein 3D just turned twenty and to celebrate the occasion, Bethesda has launched a free to play browser version of the seminal first-person shooter.

I have a lot of good memories of Wolfenstein 3D, playing this browser version brought them back and sort of made me wonder why my parents ever let me play it way back when I was all of ten years old. Back then my parents were very strict when it came to violence in television, movies and even music, but thankfully they had no problem with me shooting simulated Nazis in the face. If you are in the mood for some nostalgic gaming, you can play it now by heading over to this site.

If you happen to own an iOS device, then for a limited time only, you can download the game for free by going here. Watch the video above to listen to id Software co-founder John Carmack reminisce about Wolfenstein 3D and video games over the last 20 years.

Source: Bethesda