Xseed announced new 2013 Titles: Rune Factory, Ys, Valhalla Knights, Pandora’s Tower

Rune Factory Box

Today Xseed decided would be a great day to announce not one but five games! Yes that’s right gamers! Xseed has given us lots of things to mule over but not a lot of information. The closest one that will be released is Ys I & II Chronicles +, that one will be hitting the stores in February for the PC. Ys: Memories of Celceta was also announced but this one is coming the PS Vita surprisingly and it’s coming out this fall some time.

This fall the PlayStation Vita will also be getting Valhalla Knights 3, which is an rpg that uses job classes for the seven members of the party. Rune Factory 4 will be coming to the 3DS this summer sometime, with the added twist that players can choose the sex of the protagonist finally! And this is on top of Pandora’s Tower that is coming to the Wii. Wow, what can I say? Xseed has been a very busy company!