Yahoo Mail Decides to Spice it Up a Bit

Yahoo Mail Desktop Look

Yahoo has been going through a few changes: they’ve changed up their mail server look; they recently bought tumblr. In those exciting, new, debatably wonderful changes, Yahoo has also experienced their fair share of issues with their mail carrying system. The numerous glitches and maintenance have been irritating and time consuming, but one can’t help but wonder if any of this is leading somewhere. Maybe, all of these errors serves a purpose. For once, blind optimism has served well.

Yahoo Mail, inspired by tumblr and Flickr, has decided to upgrade its look and the features that it offers. Of the several new features, the new Yahoo Mail promises 1TB of free storage and a completely redesigned look for the web and mobile devices.

You can read the full extensive article here about to expect in the future, and remember: if Yahoo mail is being a bit buggy for you, just know that it will all pay off in the near future. Or so we can hope. Oh yeah, and ah, Happy 16th Birthday, Yahoo Mail. No wonder you’re being so difficult.


Yahoo Mail for iOS7